• Sleeping Goat (Staten Island)

    Sleeping Goat (Staten Island)

  • Hydrant  (Lubbock, Texas)

    Hydrant (Lubbock, Texas)

  • Dragons (Oakland, CA)

    Dragons (Oakland, CA)

  • Cubes (Port of Oakland)

    Cubes (Port of Oakland)

  • Pool Chair

    Pool Chair

  • Roadside Attraction

    Roadside Attraction

  • Three Sticks

    Three Sticks

  • Hills


  • Wall (Columbia, South Carolina)

    Wall (Columbia, South Carolina)

  • Parking Lot (Los Angeles)

    Parking Lot (Los Angeles)

  • Hill


  • Abandoned


  • Refinery


  • Coney Island

    Coney Island

  • Brown Circle

    Brown Circle

  • Pyramid People (Lubbock, Texas)

    Pyramid People (Lubbock, Texas)

  • Train Watcher (Houston, Texas)

    Train Watcher (Houston, Texas)

  • Pink Flowers

    Pink Flowers

  • At the Lake (Lake Tahoe)

    At the Lake (Lake Tahoe)

  • Truck Farm (Oakland, CA)

    Truck Farm (Oakland, CA)

  • San Francisco Rail

    San Francisco Rail

  • Rodeo (San Francisco)

    Rodeo (San Francisco)

  • Oklahoma City Memorial

    Oklahoma City Memorial

  • Sunbather (Clayton, New York)

    Sunbather (Clayton, New York)

  • Venice Beach Vaping

    Venice Beach Vaping

  • Atlantic Beach Day (Boyton Beach, Florida)

    Atlantic Beach Day (Boyton Beach, Florida)

  • Sleeping Man (Alameda, CA)

    Sleeping Man (Alameda, CA)

  • Oregon Shore

    Oregon Shore

  • Beach Day (Alameda, CA)

    Beach Day (Alameda, CA)

  • Beached Bear (Santa Monica, CA)

    Beached Bear (Santa Monica, CA)

  • Lake Ontario  (Watertown, New York)

    Lake Ontario (Watertown, New York)

  • Dr. Suess House

    Dr. Suess House

    Archival Pigment print on paper

  • Three Trees ( Lubbock.Texas)

    Three Trees ( Lubbock.Texas)

  • Bent Tree (Alameda, CA)

    Bent Tree (Alameda, CA)

  • Los Angeles Entry

    Los Angeles Entry

  • Sacramento River

    Sacramento River

  • Artist (Los Angeles)

    Artist (Los Angeles)

  • Barn (New York State)

    Barn (New York State)

  • Dog Yard

    Dog Yard

  • Farm Life (Los Angeles)

    Farm Life (Los Angeles)

  • Mary in Field

    Mary in Field

  • Shrine #1

    Shrine #1

  • Texas Bathtub Shrine

    Texas Bathtub Shrine

  • Garden Mother Mary

    Garden Mother Mary

  • Garden Jesus

    Garden Jesus

  • Jesus and Dumpster

    Jesus and Dumpster

  • Lewiston, Maine

    Lewiston, Maine

  • Garden Saint

    Garden Saint

  • Sidewalk Shrine

    Sidewalk Shrine

  • Pope


  • Hall of Jesus

    Hall of Jesus

  • Saint House

    Saint House

  • Mary


  • Iconic House

    Iconic House

  • Liberty (Texas)

    Liberty (Texas)

  • Till Death Do We Part

    Till Death Do We Part

  • Lubbock House (Texas)

    Lubbock House (Texas)

  • Coyote Scape

    Coyote Scape

  • Las Vegas Showgirl

    Las Vegas Showgirl

Small Views (Cell Phone Photographs)

Small Views Americana/iPhone